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Arrive 15 Min. Early

Wear/Bring Athletic Attire


DL, Insurance Card, Script, Other Required Forms & any Copay 


Forward Physical Therapy prefers to verify your insurance coverage and the amount of co-payment you will be responsible for prior to your visit. In order to verify your insurance coverage, the following information is needed.


  • Clients name and date of birth

  • Insured person’s name as it appears on the insurance card, date of birth and relationship (spouse, child; if different from the person having the physical therapy appointment)

  • Insurance Company

  • Phone number for the insurance company (usually found on the back of the card)

  • Subscriber, Group or other ID numbers

  • Phone number where you can be reached if any questions arise



This information can either be called in (865) 357-5088 or faxed to our office at (865)357-5087 or filled out online (call to provide email address). For detailed inquiries or further questions, please contact our office manager, Amber Fields at (865) 357-5088 office, or


Medicare requires a physician referral to pay for physical therapy services. If you have medicare insurance, prior to 1st visit please bring a referral and provide us with the physician’s name and the date of your last visit to the physician.


A few other managed care plans also require a referral, if your plan requires this, we will let you know and assist in obtaining the referral if needed.



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