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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the initial appointment?

Bring your insurance card, your physician’s referral (if you have one) and any other information that other healthcare provider’s may have given you that relates to the reason of your visit. If you are taking several regular medications, a written list with notation of what each medication addresses is helpful.


What should I expect from the initial appointment?


The initial evaluation will last for an hour. It usually starts with a discussion of the history and nature of the problem and what activities you wish to return to doing. The therapist will do an evaluation that includes performing certain movements and postures as well as a hands- on examination of the painful areas of your body. The findings of the evaluation will be discussed and a plan for treatment and appropriate goals will be agreed upon. During the initial visit, the amount of intervention directed to pain alleviation will vary depending upon severity and your desire for quick relief. Sometimes it is more important to gain a deep understanding of the problem initially and sometimes it is better just to do something to feel better now. We attempt to balance these needs in the initial session to meet your desire.


What should I wear to a physical therapy appointment?


In general, wear or bring with you loose, comfortable clothes. Whatever you would wear to exercise, walk, or lounge around the house is usually fine.  If you are being seen for your hip or anything lower than that please wear loose fitting shorts and if you are being seen for anything above the hip please wear a loose fitting shirt or tank top.The most important clothing consideration is your comfort. All of the therapists can adapt to whatever is needed to assure your comfort.


Certain movements and activities cause pain; do I have to do them for the therapist?


You do not need to do anything that you know will increase your pain. Please communicate clearly to your therapist if you have any hesitation in doing movements or assuming positions that your therapist requests. Sometimes there is important diagnostic information that can be gained from reproducing your pain. If this is done, it should be in a very controlled manner with your full consent and the therapists understanding of your concerns.


I’m uncomfortable being touched, how much hands on touching is required?


Manual (hands-on) evaluation and treatment is a standard part of a physical therapy evaluation and treatment sessions. However, it is not necessary if you are not comfortable. Please communicate this clearly to the therapist. There are many ways to evaluate and work on improving a condition that do not require hands on.


Still have questions?

Please feel free to call our office (865) 305-8077 at any time to ask a question! 


What other information do I bring with me?